June 20, 2024


General Office Hours

Monday – Friday : 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Truck Dump Hours Downtown

Truck dump hours will be posted

  • At the probe shack and the truck dump every day
  • Online on the Red Wing Grain Bulletin Board
  • On the bidline every evening

Due to weather, barge performance and available space in the elevator, hours may change from the intended plans at any time. When in doubt, call ahead. We will try to accommodate customers with longer dump hours during harvest as space and freight allows.

Bin and Bunker Dumping Hours

We will start filling at the bin and bunker site in October. Dumping hours at the bin and bunker site may be different than the elevator downtown. We try to post longer dumping hours at the bin and bunker site during harvest. Grain delivered to the bin and bunker site must be at a maximum 15-16% moisture (cooled grain only).

Instruction for the Probe and Scale