July 22, 2024


Grain Marketing With Firm Offers

Grain marketing is a difficult and important job that indicates the profitability of your operation. It all starts with a Market Plan and understanding where your break-even is.

We purchase a lot of grain on Scale Up Selling through Firm Offers. A firm offer is a commitment of bushels for a specified delivery with a specified price. It will be kept on file until you cancel it or it is filled. If a firm offer is filled before canceled it is a binding contract. We will mail the contract out after it is filled. You can give us a flat price, basis or a Hedge-to-Arrive level on your firm offers. Let us know your target price levels and let us watch the market for you!

Grain Contracts & Settlement Reminders

  • All grain contracts must be signed and returned within 10 days of receipt.
  • All grain contracts must be delivered in full.
  • All Defer Pay Grain must be notified prior to settlement.
  • You must sign a Defer Pay Contract before your settlement or your check will print automatically.
  • You can look at all contracts and settlements online at I-view.
  • Grain checks are written on Mondays and Thursdays. Grain checks will only be written to the name on the scale ticket. When you receive a check, the Purchase Settlement on the back has a summary of current contracts of that commodity. Any liens on the crop that are filed on the current (CNS) Central Notification System will be listed on the checks.

Grain Marketing Programs

Red Wing Grain offers a variety of solutions to help you manage risk on your delivered grain. We suggest you try a few to spread your risk while increasing your opportunity for market gain. Give us a call or stop by the office to learn how these contracts may fit your operation. Here is a brief overview of marketing programs we offer.

Extended Futures Contract

Minimum Price Contract

NBE & Basis Contracts

Delayed Price Contract

Pro Pricing